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    Interviewed by Home For Fiction

    Home For Fiction serves multiple roles: showcasing academic research in Gothic literature, providing the author/owner a venue for sharing his own works of fiction, and sharing his programs and apps for writing. Run by Chris Angelis, Ph.D. in English literature, Home For Fiction is a great resource for aspiring authors and literature fans. Although his primary interest is in literary fiction, Chris has published horror and science-fiction under a pen name. In a way, he is a living example of bridging the gap between literary fiction and popular fiction as he has sailed both seas. Recently, I reached out to Chris after reading an author interview (which he prefers to…

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    Interview with Singer-Songwriter and TESOL Professional, Chris Dundon

    In addition to the experiences and tidbits of advice I offer as a self-published author, I wanted to include the insights and perspectives of a variety of creative people I have met along the way. Today, I am interviewing Chris Dundon, an English teacher, songwriter, and singer. I first met Chris after moving into the same apartment house here in Vietnam. Since then, we have become good friends. Many nights, you can find us working together on the rooftop. While Chris creates new songs for children, I create new stories for my readers. On occasion, he will help me edit and I will pitch song ideas. More often than not,…

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    Do You Write About Your Own Life?

    The short answer is no; typically, I do not write about my own life. That doesn’t mean my contacts and experiences don’t influence my writing, because they do. Allow me to explain… When I say I don’t write about my life, what I mean is that I am not interested in writing my life’s story. It’s not that my life wouldn’t make for an interesting story; it would. Rather, it’s that I find the details of my personal experiences sacred, both the good and bad. Perhaps someday I’ll write a memoir, but I don’t see that coming any time soon. I do, however, allow for influences from my experiences. For…