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I write, therefore I am!

Hi, I’m Dave. Previously a network security manager in the USAF, I became a full-time author in 2016. I spend most of my days either plucking away at the keyboard or dreaming of new stories.

Where Is David Maxwell?

I assure you that I am alive and well. I’ve missed you guys. The last few months have been trying to say the least. I don’t even know where to begin. I had to move from my home of 5 years to a remote location in Vietnam. Long story, but I found a place that…

Request for Support

I need your help. It is not easy asking for help or admitting that you’re in need of help, but you won’t receive it if you don’t ask. So, here I am… asking. If you follow my blog, then you know my posts typically address tools, techniques, tips, and concepts to help others with their…

The Wonderous Allure of a Good Short Story

Who doesn’t love a good short story? We started out with them as kids and still enjoy them as adults. In this article, I will discuss the unique appeal of reading short stories over the more lengthy option of novels. Time is the most valuable currency in the world and most of us have little…

How To Stay Motivated

Life often tends to get in the way of the pursuit of our dreams. You may have encountered a roadblock, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your journey. In this article, I will share some thoughts on how to stay motivated during trying times. Bad things happen and we all face our…


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