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Award-winning self-published author David Maxwell was born and raised in Lake Station, Indiana, just a short drive from the windy city, Chicago, Illinois. Currently, David resides in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where he lives with his beautiful wife and daughter writing thrillers and occasionally teaching Vietnamese children the English language.

David pursued his education in Computer Science and Computer Engineering at Indiana University and Purdue University. In 1990, he joined the United States Air Force, traveling the world as a Network Security Manager and holding a Top Secret SCI clearance. He served in Desert Storm, Provide Comfort, and the War on Terror. After a long and distinguished career in the military, he retired as a disabled veteran.

Shortly after his military service, David took a telecommunications position as a Data Collections Engineer (DCE) where, once again, he traveled the world, this time testing cellular service for all the major carriers through city streets, public transit, and major sport and entertainment venues. During his career as a DCE, he was featured in an article by CNET Magazine (click link to read).

Both career choices proved to be highly rewarding, but Maxwell had dreamed of becoming an author since the early days of his childhood. As a boy, he collected comic books and read them religiously. As a teen, he fell in love with science-fiction novels. As an adult, his reading interests broadened. Some of his favorite authors include: Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Ray Bradbury, Jonathan Kellerman, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Michael Crichton, Charles Dickens, and Frank McCourt.

While in Baku, Azerbaijan testing cellular service as a DCE, David decided that if he was ever going to pursue his dream, now was the time. Giving his employer notice, he began writing full-time. In 2015, he published his first novel, the dystopian sci-fi thriller Rebirth. In August of 2016, he published his second novel, The Drift, another stand-alone dystopian thriller which currently holds a 5-star review rating on Amazon. Both novels earned the coveted Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Seal.

Following the publishing of his first two books, Mr. Maxwell took a sabbatical from writing to spend more time with family. Now, he is ready to get back to it and give his readers something new. He is currently in the editing stages of his latest novel, The Wanderer: Origins, which will be a dark, antihero thriller set in the very near future. He wrote the first draft while quarantined in a Vietnamese hospital with COVID-19. The new book will be released late summer or early fall of 2022.

David Maxwell’s style of writing is rich with detailed relatable characters and vibrant settings. David does a vast amount of research to make his works of fiction more believable for the reader – the science, the authenticity, and the characters (personally interviewing doctors, psychologists, detectives, etc.). His books provide readers thought-provoking, mind-bending, thrilling rides in an immersive world.

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