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The day that we are born is the day that we are destined to die. This is simply how life works. It’s not fair, but it is real. What it leaves us with is a very limited time in this world and questions about where we will go next. In this article, I intend to delve into the thing that no one wants to discuss – the afterlife.

Those who adhere to religious conceptions might suggest we go to heaven or hell. Another alternative is purgatory where we wait for what comes next. Although I was raised a Christian, I don’t believe in any of these concepts. In my mind, when our time comes, we simply cease to exist. To be honest with you, I am okay with that.

Let me explain. I certainly wouldn’t want to be reincarnated and have to live my life (or another) all over again. Likewise, I’d rather not spend eternity burning in a lake of fire. Finally, while Heaven sounds incredible, an endless lifetime does not.

Personally, I like the idea of legacy. You do good while you are here… you bring children into the world who can also do good… you leave something of yourself behind… that, to me, is everything. That’s why I started writing. My books will live on well beyond my years and perhaps, just perhaps, they will bring joy or entertainment to others.

I’ll admit, though, I am curious about your thoughts.

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