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Life As We Know It

As the years go by, I realize that life has no meaning. We live and we die. Yes, we may bring children into the world and do some good for others, but what then? Eventually, we grow old or ill and die. Then, it’s over.

Have you ever wondered what the point is? I do. I think about almost every day. Indeed we have a purpose. Why else would we exist? The difficult part is determining what our purpose really is in this world. If you know, please let me know.

I don’t watch the news anymore because it is too depressing. There is so much hate in the world. Sometimes, I wonder if I should have been born at a different time. That said, I’m grateful for the life that I have had. I have an incredible son and daughter from my first wife and an angel of a daughter from my current companion. This gives me hope that maybe, just maybe, there is a point behind all of this.

I’m sick. I am dying. That’s part of life. My only hope is that before I go, I will understand the reason. I’m talking about the reason for life. Why exist if you are going to grow old and suffer? What sort of a God would create a scenario like that? If you are a father, consider the option of condemning your children to a life where little good and much suffering would come. Would you do that?

My time is almost over. I realize that. All that I have left is my voice and very few people hear it. If you do, then ask yourself these questions. Perhaps you can find the answers where I have not.

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