How Do I Deal With Distractions?

There is a difference between casually wanting something and desperately needing it. In this article, I will attempt to shed some light on the disparity. Welcome back, readers! As always, I appreciate the fact that you have joined me on my literary journey. Let’s get into it.

When we want something, we dream about it, but we do little to make the dream a reality. When we desperately need something, we fight for it with conviction. Perhaps you feel the need to have your voice heard or perhaps you need the life-altering boost of a book deal to improve your financial situation. Either way, it isn’t going to happen if you simply want it to happen, you’ll have to fight for it and you’ll have to fight hard. If it is just a flight of fancy, then move on to something else that is more compelling.

If you’re still reading, then I can assume that you are prepared to fight for your dreams regardless of the cost. That’s a good start and I’ve got your back. If your ambition is to become a successful writer, then I can tell you that it won’t be easy. I’m not suggesting that you give up at the start, I’m simply trying to be honest with you. According to my research, only 2% of aspiring authors achieve the type of success that provides them and their families with a comfortable life. To put that into perspective, over 36% of the men and women who pass the bar exam go on to become successful lawyers, and more than 80% of students who graduate with a degree in medicine go on to become successful doctors. In short, your chances of success as an author are slim at best.

At this point, you might be asking yourself why there is such a huge disparity between successful professionals and authors. While I can’t explain it with authority, I can offer my perspective. Doctors and lawyers are forced to adhere to a very precise regimen of study and performance while authors are free to do as they wish. This is both a blessing and a curse. While it is nice to be your own boss following your own rules, it’s also quite difficult to keep yourself honest and stay the course.

I can’t speak to how other authors approach their craft, but I spend a good ten to twelve hours per day writing. With all the distractions of daily life, that’s not an easy task. On average, it takes an author six months or more to write a book and that doesn’t include editing, publishing, or marketing. It’s a lengthy process filled with distractions that tempt them to pause their efforts hour by hour. If you’re currently working on a manuscript, then you know exactly what I mean.

These days, our lives are filled with distractions from our children’s activities to the latest television series to phone alerts for the latest post of one of our friends to the toilet backing up. So, the question is, how do we avoid the distractions in order to stay focused on our goals?

The answer, in my humble option, is simple. If you want it bad enough, nothing else will matter. I’m not saying you should ignore your kids or become a complete recluse. I’m simply saying that if you’re obsessed with your goals and dreams, then you will find a way. In my case, I love spending time with my daughter and there are several shows that I like to follow. The difference is that I take everything, aside from my writing, in moderation. A brief dance party with my daughter or an episode of one of my favorite shows is enough for me. After that, I feel compelled to get back to work. Distraction is like a virus, once you let it start, it quickly spreads until you’re completely debilitated.

If you have a different experience, please share it with our community.

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