Where In The World is David Maxwell?

Contrary to popular opinion, I’m still alive and kicking. I realize it has been a while since my last post and I apologize for the delay. In this brief post, I want to give you an update on my status to put an end to the rumors. I hope you are all well and I wish you a very happy New Year.

Some think that my absence is a result of giving up on my blog and my writing efforts. Their assessment couldn’t be further from the truth. As it turns out, writing is about all that I have been doing. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, I doubled down on my efforts to complete my latest novel. Little did I know at the time what a nightmare it would be.

The draft for my new book, The Wanderer, took less than two weeks to write. Using pen and paper, I wrote the initial manuscript in a Vietnamese hospital after contracting the Coronavirus. When I finished the first draft, I knew it was a solid story, but I had no idea how long it would take me to refine it for publication. As it turns out, it took me much longer than I expected.

If you have read my blogs, then you know that I frown upon infinite revisions. At some point, you have to call it good and be done with it, If I had followed my own advice, I would have published the book months ago, but I didn’t. Instead, I’ve been working ten to twelve hours per day to make it suitable for a public audience. I’ve been so consumed with the editing and revisions that I haven’t bothered to post an article in months. The good news is that I’m almost done with the effort. With just ten chapters to go, I’ll be putting it up on Amazon in the next month or so.

The more I write, the more I learn. Writing The Wanderer has been a trying adventure, but I’m certain that the book will be better for it. In a few short months, you can be the judge. I hope that you enjoy it, but I have to warn you that it is not light content. This book deals with some very controversial issues and it won’t be easy to read. Coming in at well over 200,000 words, it is my longest novel yet. Whether you hate it or love it, I would sincerely appreciate your feedback.

For the first week after its release, I will run a promotion for a free download of the Kindle ebook version. In exchange, all I ask for is your honest reviews on Amazon. Good or bad, they do make a difference.

As a side note, I’ll mention that I have already completed the manuscript for another novel, Genesis. Although it is entirely unrelated to my previous novels, I hope to release it by the end of the year. While The Wanderer is near and dear to my heart, Genesis deals with current situations to which we can all relate.

As always, I want to thank each of you for your support and interest in my work. My promise to you is that I will continue to strive to provide you with content that might offer a momentary reprieve from the daily toils of life.

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