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Why Can’t I “Like” Blog Posts?

Are you unable to click the “like” button on blog posts? Are you frustrated that you have to enter your name and email address every time you want to add a comment? In this post, I will explain why those things are happening and how you can permanently resolve the issue.

Just as is the case with Facebook (or any other social media platform), you cannot “like” a post or smoothly interact with one unless you have a registered account with the platform (WordPress, in my case). The only reason you can single-click on “like” or add a comment to a Facebook post is that you have a registered Facebook account. Blogs work in exactly the same way.

Why is registration required?

We all have too many accounts to manage, so some of you may ask why should I create another account just to be able to “like” your posts? That’s a fair question. I will explain the benefits, but first I want to clarify the purpose behind requiring registration.

Registration addresses two basic concerns – bots and bozos.

Bots are prolific and easy to create. If registration wasn’t required, then bloggers could use bots to unfairly generate millions of fake “likes” on their posts. Most wouldn’t do something like that, but the platforms do not want to take the chance of bots inflating their statistics.

Bozos, as I call them, are another concern. When people can anonymously post comments, many are tempted to take advantage of anonymity. They might post inappropriate or harassing comments because no one knows who they are and they cannot be held accountable. Yes, as a blogger, you can moderate the comments, but who has the time to go through potentially thousands of inappropriate comments?

These same two concerns are the reasons why all social media platforms require registration for interaction. Registration protects both the platform and the content provider.

What are the benefits of registering a WordPress account?

Whether you have aspirations of becoming a blogger yourself or not, registering an account with WordPress will allow you to easily interact with any WordPress blogs. With a registered account, you will be able to simply click on the “like” button for a post you have enjoyed. Comments won’t require anything more than typing your comment and clicking on submit. If you are following any blogs, it makes interaction a lot easier at no cost other than the few minutes it takes to initially register.

There is another indirect benefit to registration that I should point out – Gravatar.

Gravatar is a globally unique avatar service. Free of charge, it allows you to create your own avatar (your picture or a selected image of choice) and a profile. You don’t have to add content to your profile, but I highly recommend taking the time. Why? Because, once your Gravatar is set up, your avatar (with a link to your profile) will appear every time you like or comment on a blog post. The content providers or blog readers can click on your avatar and go straight to your profile. Why is that helpful to you? Because it will drive more people to your profile which can include a bio and hyperlinks to your social media or website. If you leave a thought-provoking comment, you could generate new customers or followers of your own.

How do I register?

Free of charge, you can register for a WordPress account at Once you have registered, you can click on “My Profile” and add the embedded free Gravatar profile. The entire process takes just a few short minutes, costs you nothing but the few minutes of your time, improves your blog reading and interaction experience, and promotes your own unique endeavors.

I want to make it clear that I am not promoting WordPress or Gravatar in this post. I am simply offering information. The final decision is entirely up to you. Even without registration, you can still add comments to blog posts by providing your name and email address with each comment. Unfortunately, without registering, you will not be able to “like” a blogger’s post.

If you enjoy my content, please like (if you have a registered account), comment, share, and subscribe. Thanks for reading! See you soon…

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