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Interviewed by Home For Fiction

Home For Fiction serves multiple roles: showcasing academic research in Gothic literature, providing the author/owner a venue for sharing his own works of fiction, and sharing his programs and apps for writing. Run by Chris Angelis, Ph.D. in English literature, Home For Fiction is a great resource for aspiring authors and literature fans.

Although his primary interest is in literary fiction, Chris has published horror and science-fiction under a pen name. In a way, he is a living example of bridging the gap between literary fiction and popular fiction as he has sailed both seas.

Recently, I reached out to Chris after reading an author interview (which he prefers to call chats) with Davyne DeSye. I’m pointing this out because I want to reiterate something I’ve said in previous posts: connections matter and you never know who you are going to meet or what impact they might have on your efforts. This is a prime example of how valuable it can be to network with others. I will walk you through the chain of events that led to an interview with Chris Angelis to illustrate.

Davyne DeSye is a talented science-fiction author who also writes incredible historical romance novels. To be completely transparent, I had never heard of her until she just happened to post a review on my first novel, Rebirth. While she enjoyed the read, she did have a few points of constructive criticism. At the time, I was elated just to have a review by a fellow author, so I looked into her. I read and enjoyed her version of a sequel to Phantom of The Opera called For Love of The Phantom, so I posted a review.

When I published my second novel, The Drift, I reached out to her. Appreciating her opinion on my first, I wanted her personal take on my second. By far, the review she posted was the best, most well-written review I have ever received.

More recently, I read her new book Carapace and posted a review. I often talk about how everything that can be written has been written, but Davyne proved me wrong with this one. Carapace is one of the most original books I have read in a very long time.

Excited about her most recent work, I looked into her current projects and came across an interview she had done with Chris Angelis on Home For Fiction. Immediately, I knew he was the sort of writer and literary expert that I needed to network with. Mentioning Davyne, I asked if he would be willing to interview me as a self-publishing science-fiction author. He agreed and the rest is history.

Of all the author interviews (or chats) that I have done, this one is my favorite. You can check it out here.

Whether you read the interview or not, I hope you can see the value of networking with other creators and professionals. A simple email or conversation could lead to books sales, reviews, interviews, or maybe even a publishing or movie deal, not to mention allowing you to forge new friendships.

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