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The Importance of Networking

The truth about self-publishing is that it is a misnomer; you cannot do it by yourself.

In order to get through it all, you need a support system of editors, proofreaders, influencers, and others to help you navigate your journey. This is where networking becomes crucial. In this article, I will share the importance of networking and offer suggestions on how you can expand your support base.

We all want to put out a quality book that gains attention and leads to sales. In order to effectively do that, we need others who have experience and influence within the industry to guide us along that path.

Here are a few things you can do to expand your support system and help you to develop quality books for your readers:

1. Talk to everyone!

I am listing this as my first suggestion because it is that important. Share the fact that you are a writer with everyone you meet. You never know when you are going to come across an editor, influencer, fellow author, or even a movie producer.

Worst case scenario, you might make a new friend and drum up more interest in your books. In the best-case scenario, you might snag a movie or publishing deal.

Recently, I befriended another resident of my apartment home. Now, we are good friends. As an English teacher, he is happy to provide constructive criticism on my work. Thanks, Chris; I really appreciate your support.

2. Get involved with Facebook groups.

A quick search on self-publishing and aspiring authors will reveal a vast array of Facebook groups catering to the subjects. Join them! Be active. Answer questions and offer advice. If you do that, then when you need a little help, you will have a community of supportive friends at your fingertips.

3. Reach out to other self-published authors.

This is huge! Self-published authors are a tight-knit community, all striving for the same things. Find an author you can relate to, purchase their latest novel, and give them a review. After that, try to make contact and see if they would be willing to reciprocate or provide advice. Why go through all the hassle yourself if another author who has already been through it can provide you with advice from their experiences?

4. Engage with your readers!

Using platforms like Goodreads, try to connect with your readers. Offer signed copies of your books in exchange for a review. Get their feel for what the market is lacking. Try to build long-lasting personal relationships.

Many of these readers either run their own influential blogs or post regular reviews. Even those who don’t may be able to provide unique insights that will help you to refine your work.

5. Secure a good agent who will work to get your name out there.

A good agent can help you find top-notch editors, submit your works to publishers, and pitch your ideas to movie studios. In short order, an agent can expand your writing network to a vast conglomerate of professionals who can help you to get to where you want to go.

Bottom line: Make connections wherever you can find them!

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