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The Writers’ Paradox

When writing, it all makes sense in our heads, but it doesn’t always translate that way on paper. Whatever you do, don’t ever send a manuscript off to editors, agents, or publishers without going back through it at least twice regardless of how good you think it is.

I personally made this mistake recently with my new novel, The Wanderer: Vindicta. I was so certain that I had written a masterpiece, I submitted it to my editors before going back through it line by line. Why would I make such a huge mistake? Because I am eager to get it published and, at least in my mind’s eye, I thought it was perfect.

The problem lies in the fact that we, as authors, know our stories inside and out. Readers, however, don’t. With all the details in our minds, it is easy to forget that the reader must be carefully led to the climax.

My biggest mistake with rushing the process was that I let my omniscient narration get the better of me (see my next post on Writing in Third Person, Omniscient). As a result, I was jumping from POV to POV like Frogger jumping from log to log (If you get that reference, then you are as old as me). Also, I had allowed myself to narrate as the author which I believe is a serious mistake.

My advice to you is that when you think your manuscript is perfect, read through it again. When you complete that initial review, start over and do it again. After three full passes, you should be good to go.

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