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Why Do You Have Ads on Your Website?

You may have recently noticed a change to my website. Now, my blog posts and pages come with small advertisement links to products on Amazon. They are not random or unintentional; I handpick each one and place them there myself.

Why? Two reasons:

1. Provide my readers with quick access to products they can use.

If my post is about how to develop your characters, then you will find links to products that will aid you in that effort. If the post is on software tools for authors, then you will find purchase links for the products I’m recommending. Each advertisement is based on the contents of my posts. Many of the links I embed are for special offers that will save you money. Personally, I think this approach adds depth and utility for my readers.

2. Monetize my website.

Self-publishing is not cheap. The costs of editors, promotions, marketing, blogging, software, memberships, subscription services, and other necessities add up quickly. The advertisements on my posts and pages help me to offset these costs so that I can keep writing and publishing books. It is certainly not a get-rich scheme, but it does help me just as much as it helps my followers.

I am affiliated with Amazon in two ways – marketplace and associate. Publishing through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program, Amazon is the primary marketplace for my books. As an Amazon Associate, I receive a small percentage of sales generated by my links. If you are interested in monetizing your own website, you can learn more about their program at Amazon Associates Central.

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