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Time Management

Of all the things a self-published author has to deal with, time management is the most difficult!

First of all, you are your own boss, so you have got to keep yourself honest about the time you put into writing. Writing, however, takes up the least of your time.

Editing is the biggest chunk of work, but daily tasks make it hard to find the time. You have to run regular promotions on your marketing venues, keep your social media updated, respond to endless emails, and get the word out about your books. If that isn’t enough, most of us have to manage a blog like this one to stay in touch with our readers and support our community of fellow writers. To say the least, it is more than a full-time job.

So, the big question is: “How do you make it work?”

Like eating an elephant, which you should never do, you take it piece by piece and never relent. Create a schedule for yourself and stick to it. If you like to write in the mornings, then block out a few hours and make that a daily ritual. Schedule in time for checking emails and social media. Remember it is rude to expect others to “like” and comment on your posts if you aren’t even looking at theirs. Tit for tat, people. Promotions can come on a weekly or monthly basis, so there’s no need to deal with them every single day.

If an urge takes you, then run with it. For example, if your prose is flowing, extend your hours of writing. If you’re on a promotional high, put in the hours and get the word out there.

One final word of advice: Find time to breathe and relax, even if only for an hour or two each day. Read a good book or watch a good movie. Take the family to the park or out to dinner. Whatever you do, don’t let writing be the only reason for living!

Best of luck with your work and see you soon…

P.S. – If you’re not working at least eight hours a day, then you’re not working!

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