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Overview of My New Book – The Wanderer

The Wanderer, an antihero series, is based on an idea I have been working on for a long time. The first full-length installment, The Wanderer: Vindicta, is currently being reviewed by my editors. The novel will be available for purchase this summer (2022).

It has been a long time since I read a good book about a dark hero, so I have done my best to write one.

Jackson Kane Pierce, known as Black Jack when he’s dealing out justice, is an everyday guy, a good man who would be leading a simple life if it weren’t for his curse and his gift. Both his curse and his gift appeared when he was just sixteen. Since then, to very little avail, he has spent more than two decades trying to understand them. His curse has caused him to do unimaginable things and his gift has made him a billionaire.

Jackson’s curse is made up of two interlinking parts – visions and teleportation. With no rhyme or reason in content or timing, the visions come without warning during his sleep. The only consistencies are that they are always lucid and always experienced through the eyes and perceptions of his hosts, violent criminals about to commit heinous crimes.

The visions play out like the trailer of a movie, skipping through scenes to give him the basic gist. Exactly 24 hours after a vision, Jackson is teleported to the general vicinity of the crime with only the clothes on his back and whatever he is carrying or holding onto at the time. As a result, he travels the world with one goal in mind – stop the terrible crime from happening.

The crimes in his visions always take place within the first few days after his arrival in a new city. Within that limited time frame, he must use what he learned in the vision to locate the criminal, stop the crime, and dole out justice. The only method of intervention that seems to work is murder.

Docile by nature and fearful of being caught, he created an alter ego to deal with the criminals. Black Jack is a fearless and confident cowboy who wears all black. Shielding his face underneath the wide brim of his Stetson hat, Jackson’s manufactured persona does all the dirty work. If seen, the best description anyone could give would be: “He was a cowboy in black.”

Haunted by his visions and guilt-ridden over his actions to deal with them, he occasionally needs to blow off steam. Being a serial killer who is constantly displaced from one city to the next, relationships don’t work. Not wanting to be recognized when out for a night or weekend of debauchery, he unleashes Black Jack on neighboring towns where his goals are intoxication and fornication. That changes when he meets a woman who accepts him for who he really is and agrees to travel with him wherever he may go.

Misty is a brilliant woman with an exciting story in her own right. With aspirations of starting her own travel and leisure magazine, she is the perfect fit for a man who travels the world.

Think of Batman minus the flashy gadgets or Sherlock Holmes minus Scotland Yard. In one traumatic case after another, Black Jack travels the world fighting for justice. Be forewarned though, Black Jack’s cases are not for the squeamish at heart. His cases almost always involve murder and a variety of the most heinous crimes – rape, terrorism, human trafficking, mass shootings, and many others.

Each case comes with two parts – Black Jack’s efforts to thwart a criminal and Jackson’s effort to start over in a new city or even a new country. In this series, I put a great amount of effort into describing both the crimes he deals with and the places he lives in.

If you feel like you could use a good dark hero in your life, then keep an eye out for The Wanderer series and buckle up for an intense ride. Don’t forget to subscribe to the monthly newsletter and post updates.

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