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Overview of My New Book – Genesis

Recent world events spawned the idea of writing Genesis. I was dismayed and exhausted by all the trouble in the world – terrorism, a global pandemic, riots over social injustice or political views, natural disasters, and a seemingly endless barrage of disheartening news. The list goes on and on – pollution, ozone layer depletion, melting ice caps, raging fires, rape, murder, and just about anything you can imagine.

The question I asked myself is how could we change it? How could we put an end to wars, racism, jihad, poverty, pollution, the whole gamut? What I found is that there is no easy answer which is why we are in this situation in the first place. Still, I wanted to write a book where a single protagonist would try to change it all.

One of the major obstacles to global change is human nature. We are creatures of our environment and upbringing. Hatred is a learned behavior. Prejudice, superiority, religious beliefs, even environmental disregard are all learned through those we associate with. That reminds me of a great quote by Anthony Robbins: “You are who you’re with.”

In order to change the world, those instilled traits would have to be unlearned on a global level. Yes, one person can make a difference, but terrorism, for instance, isn’t going to go away just because you convinced one person that it’s wrong. Imagine trying to change the minds and behaviors of nearly 8 billion people all at once on a variety of topics. It’s simply not achievable.

That leads us to the second obstacle of global change – too many people make it almost impossible. You might be able to change the minds of a few, but not billions. At the same time, overpopulation is itself a global concern with depletion of resources, pollution, overcrowding of big cities, and job availability.

I wanted a protagonist who would tackle all of those issues at once. The answer, though drastic, was simple – hit a reset button and start over, this time doing things the right way. As a result, Genesis, an apocalyptic thriller, was born.

Rex, a young man who has recently lost his father, is given the opportunity to forever change the world but it comes at a steep price. He is given a device that when activated will instantly end all human life outside of a 30-yard radius. The obvious downside is that billions of people will die. The upside is that he can pick and choose who survives within the safe zone and, together, they can rebuild the world.

After selecting the right people and pressing the button, the real work begins. He now has to convince his unwilling guests that change is not only needed, but it’s also required. Without an impetus for change, people are reluctant to modify their behaviors and beliefs. Survival is a powerful motivator!

Imagine a world where more than 99% of humanity has perished. Infrastructure would fall apart. Utility services would cease to function. Livestock, unattended, would starve. Food would spoil. Water supplies would become contaminated. Bodies would decay on the streets or in their homes. The weeds and creatures of the night would take over the lands.

Genesis is about surviving the darkest hour of humanity and prevailing. It delves into the very essence of humanity. It is the story of one man’s efforts to make the world a better place and a community of non-volunteers coming together to make it happen. It is both a story of the times and a story of the future.

Genesis will be published in late winter of 2022.

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