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How Long Does it Take to Write a Short Story?

Short stories are fun to write and they don’t take much time. For example, it took me a little over one hour to write The Traveler while sitting at a table on my rooftop in Vietnam.

In my opinion, short stories don’t require the detail and resolution of a full-length novel. Instead, you hit your readers with a provocative idea and let them take it from there. Stephen King is a master at this. If you’re not familiar with his short story works, check out Children of the Corn, Four Past Midnight, 1922, and The Mist, all of which went on to become movies or novellas.

The real draw of writing a short story, in my humble opinion, is the fact that you don’t have to track the evolution of your characters and develop four hundred pages of content. Instead, you can focus directly on the concept. For example, in The Traveler, I show a young man in the near future who gets addicted to alternate realities through a new immersive technology. Instead of taking the reader on a tour of all his adventures, I elude to the many and focus my content on one.

If you are imaginative, then you can come up with a compelling short story in a matter of hours. A novel, however, will take much more time.

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