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What Does it Feel Like to Write a Novel?

In a word, it feels like heaven – pure euphoria!

It’s 10:58 PM here in Saigon and I just finished the first draft of my new book, The Wanderer: Vindicta. I’m sitting on the rooftop of my apartment house listening to the Olympians playing basketball across the alley and I feel absolutely amazing, almost ethereal!

I’ve had many fabulous experiences in my lifetime, but none compare to completing the first draft of a novel. When we write, we’re giving a part of ourselves to the world. Long after our bodies are dust in the ground, our words will live on. Years from now, maybe centuries, our stories will touch hearts and minds.

As far as leaving a legacy goes, I consider my children to be at the top of the list with my books coming in a close second. Maybe that’s arrogant and presumptive, but I believe if even one person in this world can escape from the trials and tribulations of life into one of the realms I’ve created, then I did my job.

If you’ve never felt what I’m feeling right now, then I urge you to keep writing and make your own dreams come true.

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