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KDP Offers Case Laminate Hardcovers

In 2021, Amazon added case laminate hardcover book publishing through their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) website. Previously, KDP only offered eBook and paperback formats. This new format addition is pretty amazing for self-published authors using KDP and you can now offer your readers a nice hardcover option for your books.

I highly recommend using KDP if you are trying to self-publish and sell your works. As you would expect from Amazon, the tools are all-inclusive with a vast amount of resources to help you design, format, upload, and market your book on Amazon and beyond. It does take some time to get used to their process, which requires a lot of fine-tuning on formatting, but I will be posting helpful videos to walk you though it soon.

The KDP hardcover service is still in Beta, but their support is impeccable.

My thoughts… Give it a go… I did! All of my books will be available in hardcover within the next few days!

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