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Hey readers, welcome back!

Well, after a lot of nerve-racking work and a few hundred dollars spent on software, plug-ins, and subscriptions, I’m finally able to write my first official post on Maxwell’s Silver Quill!

As you can clearly see, the site is still under construction with very little content, but that will soon change. My plan is, time permitting, to post daily and update the Author Services and The Resource Room content on a regular basis as new ideas come to mind on how to help you succeed with your own writing. On a monthly basis, I’ll try to post a new short story to the Short Stories tab and add at least one or two excerpts from my previous and current works to Novel Snippets.

For these first few weeks, I’ll do my best to triple my effort in order to get some initial content of value and entertainment out there to generate initial interest. If you are one of my first subscribers, you will always be held in a special place in my heart.

Alright then, enough about the startup details; let’s get started on our new journey together to become the best writers we can be! I’ve already updated the website with some initial content, so have a look around, leave some comments and suggestions, and please subscribe if you think you’ll enjoy my blog!

Check back soon for the latest posts and new content.

Maxwell out…. Have a great day! See you soon.

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