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Welcome to Maxwell’s Silver Quill…

Maxwell’s Silver Quill is a writer’s blog by David Maxwell, Amazon and Readers’ Favorite 5-star rated self-published author.

In this active blog, I will be writing about my trials, tribulations, and triumphs in becoming a successful science-fiction and thriller novelist. My intent is to provide thoughtful and useful content to aspiring authors, avid readers, and struggling self-publishers. In addition to instruction videos and insightful articles, I will share detailed descriptions of my adventures in world travel as an author as well as snippets from my works and the occasional short story.

By visiting my blog regularly you will learn the ins-and-outs of self-publishing (how to use Scrivener to create your own novels; how to upload, sell, and promote your books on through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing); where you might find inspiration; methods for editing and fine-tuning your work; hear the tales of my worldwide adventures and exploits; and discover thrilling content in my short stories (dystopian and apocalyptic thrillers, horror, and modern science-fiction).

So, let me once again welcome you to Maxwell’s Silver Quill, a blog that I hope benefits you more than it does me!

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